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Dec 1, 2012 1:30pm PST
received application. >> we cannot continue it, so what you're asking us to do is deny it, and to separate these permits and deny the extended hours and approve the place of entertainment and i'm not likely to want to do that because -- upeder -- under the code, we cannot continue for more than 45 days. >> does the applicant have the ability to delay it further than that time period? >> i'm sure the applicant does. you're going to put that pressure on him? okay. >> as far as options, and granted it's the commission that makes the final call on that. >> but in reading his application, it seems to me that after hours for this particular business and this particular place seems part of his business plan, part of his -- of what he's doing, so we've gone back and forth with after hours before. i tend to agree with commissioner hyde that staggered closings make more sense in general in most neighborhoods but in business plans that require after hours, it's part of their business plan, to tell them they can't have that part of the business plan tells them they shouldn't succeed and i don
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
recommended their alcohol license and we support their place of permit application. thank you. >> hi, i'm ann -- audrey, i think you stole my word, i'm excited, the facility is opening as well. what i wanted to do is come up here and show our support and then i wanted to introduce our new permit officer, dave frias, we will be making comments on the third item going forward as well, but no opposition, just fully support the program. i didn't know they applied for an alcohol license though. do we know that? >> it's not part of this commission. >> yeah. >> okay. >> okay. >> is there anymore public comment? yes? >> as part of the public, i was able to get a hard hat to wear and it wasn't quite as done as it is now but it was pretty amazing, i know mr. klein's here, raise your hand, he's sort of responsible for it and i'm sure he would invite any of your commissioners to check it out, i'm not sure what state it's in at the moment but it's pretty cool. >> i'll do anything to put on a hard hat, so is there anymore public comment? seeing none, the matter is with the commission. >> co
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 8:00am PST
economy off of the cliff? >> and colleges cashing in. they are collecting more application fees and not letting more students in. >> college is maching an increase . critucs call it a money grab. that is it a flip side. they have stocks set to >> believe it or not, colleges are enticing more kid toz apply to their schools and admittinga fewer students in their schools. they do it to make themselves look more exclusive. not only are they doing to to boost the national ranking but it is it a cash grab. and john is okay with this. it is ut arely irvelrant. you must be smart. it is playing and racking. and unless we take over all of the colleges and university. >> it is not. they are nonprofit upon. it is a typicical bait and switch scam. and what happening. and thaticing more feas . there is more alumni it is it a bad system. are you okay what the colleges are proving. and that is the cost. and that is number of local applicants . that is reason they are getting more diversified . we think it is good for the stunes and placs more diversified. . . >> this is the last of the year >> go a
FOX Business
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
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Dec 3, 2012 8:00am PST
. in closing, what you have in front of you is an application for signaling system. it's got nothing to do with electrification which is in prop k. [speaker not understood]. in other words, you have a choice in front of you today. you can either approve this or you can defer it to a later date. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, unless we have any comments or questions, can we take this same house same call? same house same call, item passes. madam collect, if you can please call item 8. >> introduction of new items, this is an information item. >> colleagues, any new items for introduction? why don't we open it up to public comment. any member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. if you can call item number 9. >> item number 9, public comment. >> this is an opportunity for any member of the public who would like to speak on any item that's not on the agenda but is within the jurisdiction of the county transportati
Dec 10, 2012 7:30pm PST
am from the san francisco police department. they have filed an application with the city and on cite beer premseses for 748 innes avenue. for the purpose of this hearing the california department of alcohol and beverage control seeks determination from the board of supervisors as to the approval or denial of this license. from the period of july 2011 through january 2012 there were no police calls for service, nor any police reports. the plat information located in here and 354 police actions for the calendar year 2010. the pemz premises is located in a high crime area and sensus track listed here. applicant premises is not located in undue concentration area. there are no record protests with the california department of alcohol and beverage control and also no records of support with the department of the california alcohol and beverage control. department of recreation. there is no opposition from the station. alu recommends approval and recommended to the california alcohol and beverage control. number one, sales, service and consumption of alcohol beveraging shall be permit
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
off some of the applicants that had actually applied for the seats here. so a number of the applicants did already present at our last rules committee. we will not be asking to hear from you again. so i'm going to call your name in the order that is it listed in the agenda and calling first individuals that have not already spoken before rules committee. and so that first person is alexander mullaney. we did hear from daniel weaver. if you are here for another item if you don't mind taking the conversations outside so we can hear our presenter. if we can end all the conversation in the room. thank you. so the format is the same. as we had last week to briefly talk about your experience and your interest in serving cac. >> i'm daniel mullaney the [p-urbl/] of the newspaper and operated it for four years. i have lived in you ar at for eight years, but my family has been there since the '60s. i went to city college and currently go to state. i bike, i walk, i use muni and bart. i sit on a few boards. i sit on the ocean avenue community benefit district board. i also sit on the board for t
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
live on harvard street a few doors away from the site where applicants seek to relocate their business. i want to emphasize to the commission how much neighbors wish the applicant's business remain where it is now or relocate to a neighborhood more intended for commercial purposes. by my count of neighbors who contacted the planning commission, 49 neighbors did not support it. only 5 neighbors supported. these 47 people are diverse, some are young with children, some middle-aged, some are elderly. some have lived in the neighborhood for decades and others have moved to the neighborhood more recently, because they sought a quiet neighborhood. i was particularly struck by the letter of noel loxson on behalf of his elderly montgomery mother, who lives right next door to the subject property. he writes on her behalf, i she has lived there for more than 30 years and at her age she likes the quietness of the neighborhood. by having a child-care next door. and gordon lieu writes, "it's always been a nice peaceful neighborhood and putting in the daycare would really change the make-up
Dec 2, 2012 6:30am PST
respectfully asking that you approve my conditional use application for 115 west portal. thank you. >> thank you. is there any public comment? okay. mary [speaker not understood] >>> thev [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. matthew rodgers. >>> good evening, commissioners. thank you for hearing us. i grew up on west portal, i'm a merchant and president of the west portal merchants association. i ask you to support the sterling's permit to [speaker not understood] 115 west portal avenue and they're not your average bank and that's what we like about them. they have a small footprint. we hope in the future more banks will follow that formula. i have a feeling in the future you'll see that coming before you more often. i think they make for a great model. they're a community outreach and their presentation to us was quite impressive. i don't think they are just another bank. they are very local san francisco community bank. their offer was very enticing to us and we've accepted graciously their offer for the community meeting room. excuse me, there was one more thing i wanted to say.
Dec 29, 2012 12:00am PST
the applicants seek to relocate their business. i want to address several points about the application. they want to relocate their business and please note that the proposal did not provide a necessary service to our neighborhood as it moves an existing facility with existing students and existing wait list from coming a different neighborhood and not serving our own. i understand that their current center has 17 and the relocation would add only 6-8 openings for those who may be on their existing wait list, but would come at the cost of disrupting a neighborhood whose residents like the elderly retiree next door to the property truly value its quiet residential character and at the cost of losing a use of a vintage house. the relocation results in the addition of only .5 fte, the existing staff of the school would simply remain with one employee moving from part-time to full-time. no new jobs created for our neighborhood. with respect to the need for additional child-care in our neighborhood, we contacted the children's council of san francisco, a very respected third par
Dec 3, 2012 7:30am PST
the next four years. on october 26, a month later we received 12 applications for a total of $62.6 million worth of projects. so, almost twice as much money as we have. and we set up a process for prioritizing those projects and those funds. it's a two-step process. in the first step we prioritize an initial list. we provide them with some money to do further development on the projects. then we bring them back a few months later so that we can evaluate how those project sponsors have refined the projects and sharpened their pencils to make them fit within the money that's available. that first phase, that first set of priorities in draft form is on your desks in the form of a matrix with very, very small font. it's not a reading exercise. it's an attempt to make it all fit in a small amount of real estate. the first page is the actual list of projects. the second page is the priority list. this is a draft -- this is [speaker not understood] committee structure, the committee in december for discussion and hopefully a blessing and then we'll come back to the board in december for a
Dec 16, 2012 1:30am PST
records that they have permits to go from three to two. there84ij two to three. the application that was referenced which we haven't seen 'til this evening that stated 1999hxjo that building permit application, as wasrpjlb noted in our initial appeal brief was to add new door and dormer -- roof area, replace window. it noted there code building department occupancy code aree doesn't mean three units,o$jd#that means a one or two unit building. i can understand the confusion because thatch interpretation of the appellant which in fact there this is a one or two unit building. that proves our position that it was in fact3&b $r a two;ojmg unit building. also i would note building use was filled out as a one family dwelling. if they can provide evidence ofó0::8 y a building permit=,bfm application reviewed by the san francisco planning department and approved at ajkb!f dwelling unit which wouldn't have been allowed because the zoning would have limited it to two units(jp/i but had!jpdq third unit been allowed it would haveze+v3i required neighborhood notification, they have would have ha
Dec 4, 2012 7:30am PST
, it's hard to imagine that the conditions that applied in the '70s are applicable now, especially as charles schwab, a bank, how do you define it? i think that the neighborhood is much more at risk or harmed by having a vacant store front for seven years than to bring in a willing tenant that's willing to participate in the community. the other thing the ncd did, and i give howard grief for it every time i see him. they put a 26 foot height limit on west portal, which is, you know, it's awful now. it's haunting us now. so, i think the rules that went into place in the '70s don't apply. this is a great opportunity to help our neighborhood. thank you. >> additional public comment on this item? okay. seeing none, the public comment portion is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i'm very much in favor of this proposal and i also live in the neighborhood in west side -- west lakeside village. i'm sorry, west portal frequently. and there are a lot of vacancies. and this particular space is tiny. its frontage is 11-1/2 feet. and, so, it's a very hard thing to fill. and we are losin
Dec 13, 2012 6:30pm PST
openings include family child-care centers just like the applicant's preschool. i would urge the commission of what they offer. many providing bilingual services as working capital. we appreciate the applicant's offer to give them their cell phone numbers for blocking sidewalks and driveways and double parking, but blocking sidewalks and driveways and double parking is unlawful. such an offer doesn't fully address neighborhood concerns regarding the issuance of a conditional use permit that is permanent for any future owner. for example, in addition, the findings say there are no exterior modifications to the building, but, in fact, the applicants propose to move the front door of an historic 1905 pre-earthquake home. it's worth noting that the proponents who speak in favor are from outside of this neighborhood and those speaking in opposition are from the immediate neighborhood. for all of these reasons, i am respectfully asking the commission to deny this application. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hi my name is tommy goygos and raised my family and had no pro
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
seat and two applicants. >> thank you, this item was continued from our previous rules committee meeting in november. i really want to encourage folks it please exit the room. i'm so sorry, we do still have other applicants waiting to be heard. we did continue this item from last november 15th and we actually now have two applicants for one seat and i will call you in the order that you are listed, matthew stein, if you could approach us here today. and mr. steen, i know this is your first time speaking before the rules committee. it's pretty much the same format as you've seen with our other applicants, if you could speak to your experience and qualifications as relates to this cac position. >> yes, thank you very much, madam chair. >> i'm sorry, could you wait one second? >> certainly. >> thank you, mr. steen >> thank you very much, supervisors. my name is matthew steen, i'm a native san franciscoan, growing up in the mission district. currently reside in the lower half of the octavia plan boundaries, i have lived there since 2009, i have lived of course many other places in sa
Dec 12, 2012 5:30pm PST
time we reviewel" building permit application it was stated that theétb6)ñ property was ;f the building permit for the the garage was actually issued and appealed to this board. the board of appeals denied that permit because ñ weÑÑ% 6 overwhelming evidence that the building was usedcf::>÷ group housing. t™ come through and achieve+0%( "Ñ a building permit or received a building permit16p to legalize that use. now try to come back and go through this process.c7 yyou know maybe% understood the board's intention and i apologize if last hearing but the board didn't wantx8b3% to extendq4"bh it past november 23 rd extension ,÷ we had given and no extension of thejpe0 board pn[ is final until a decision is issued and that's why i did not feel comfortable having the process continue during the rehearing request period because anyone could have -- the party could have filed the rehearing request. also, to be clear, it's not about getting the 311 neighborhood notification done, it's not about havingd!r a&g discretionary review hearing by the november 23 date, it'sf:qc><ñ having
Dec 3, 2012 9:30am PST
the applicant? >> yeah, i represent -- [inaudible] >> just a quick question. are you comfortable with all the recommendations made by the police department? >> i didn't hear it, but i will hear it previous gentleman and i will tell you like specific type of our facility if you allow me. >> we read through the pack get we have a good sense of the operation that you run, and we heard you have no record and it's operating just fine. >> so this is closed facility. it's russian german center and only for members and we have kind of up scale client which is is not connected with the local crime, and other issues with hunter's point area, so we're trying to bring kind of different type of people to hunter's point and this, so -- yeah, and this is like our part of our tradition to have a beer with a spa, so is there any question i need to answer here? >> i don't think so. >> all right. >> any other public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. then unless i hear otherwise we will send this forward with recommendation with the attached conditions and can the department jus
Dec 4, 2012 12:30am PST
immediately to try to move festa into compliance with the current regulations, we filed the application right away, unfortunately i had to leave for europe almost immediately after, but we worked closely with the commission throughout and we completed i think all the necessary inspections and approvals from the city departments including the police department, the fire department, building including basic building and electrical, public health and the planning department. we also completed a fairly extendbacker extensive outreach program per the good neighbor policy, we talked with a large number of the surrounding businesses in the same building and masae's also made contact with people who are living in the immediate vicinity, and they gave very nice favorable comments on festa. i would like to say by the way, we very much appreciated the commission's help and guidance as we moved through this process, it's been much appreciated. well, on the outreach program, again, i think it's fair to say that masae and her team have built very good and friendly relations with all the neighboring busines
FOX News
Dec 9, 2012 3:30pm EST
is an example. >> my group have put together an application to start a charter school and we have been repeatedly stonewalled 57 because of your own daughter's experience you've got together with people and said we will start a charter. >> the first application was 100 pages could. denied. >> they said there was not a need we had typographical errors in the application. john: wouldn't mcdonald's like to say that to burger king? >> yes. john: you try again. >> we fixed them and we got more people involved and we needed to show more apparent support. the first application had 70 letters the second was 125 letters. still denied. john: six times. this is typical. >> it is more and more typical. all-purpose of the charter school movement was to create new public schools, held accountable but free from most rules and regulation. but government encroaches everyday on people who want to start schools. john: the blob in charge they don't that competition state education department even the best states we have an of the highest performing traders goals and arizona the director spends 30% of
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
not competing business and is our lively hoods are at risk and the applications for food cuts can cause injury to the other existing buildings -- and businesses. the license of the law the parking injury to the other businesses because of loss of foot you traffic. these applications do not address the a d a. >>> . the health department is not here the -- that they took is second floor. according to the america's disability act in 2012, there must be adequate accessible for workers as well as for customer, food trucks are not ex-swrempt from federal legislation. the federal code superceeds allstate and city codes the stated code does not exempt workers with disability ignoring federal law it's a case that is going to happen all over the city, i feel sorry for you but we have to come one a conclusion of what the intent of the legislation was and the intent was not to take away existing businesses for food trucks and i think this case is sort-of a presidential case for the city and you should really consider what you are doing for the future and possibly for future lawsuits, this is
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
flurry of last-minute applications that were filed after our october 17th hearing. >> therefore, if under the new materials, not previously in evidence, of the rehearing request. so on november 9th, the permit applicant filed filed, to change a flat roof to roof deck increasing the railing height and the construction of the wall. and the next slide just is confirmation that the november 9th permit was filed. >> this board must take this and remove and correct. failure to grant the rehearing will ... the roof deck issue which if those 2010 permit is approved, as is, it would essentially legalize the roof deck permit even though the sponsor has filed a separate permit ap. and again, if approved as is, the permit holder will have no reason to proceed with 29012 permit and could withdraw the permit without going through the proper review channels. pat will go through the discreptcies between the two site plans. >> so the basis of a rehearing are justice and new evidence not in fact. the manifest in justice, he saw nothing wrong with ex-saouming through the garage. that sin correct. the
Dec 4, 2012 5:30pm PST
regarding application for permit for the commission, 4 a. pablo patino, doing business as taqueria guadalajara. 4798 mission street for an extended hours permit. you are up. >> taqueria guadalajara is a privately opened restaurant, and they have a abc license and this application will allow them to operate after two and before six and they recommend approving this with eleven proposed conditions which are attached at the front of your packet. >> and the applicant here? >> hello? >> all right. >> turn the mic on. >> technical difficulties. >> hello? >> i apologize. >> hi my name is pablo patino. and i am here applying for an extended hours on my premises. i have a fast food restaurant and we serve tacos, burrittons and nachos to the customer and i would would like to extend my hours close to 3:30 on thursdays and friday, i am sorry, thursday at 3:00, friday 3:30, saturday 3:30, and sunday, 3:00 in the morning. >> have you seen the police conditions? >> yes, i already with... i forgot. officer mccarthy, regarding. i can hire a security guard. we are licensed to operate. and after mid
Dec 14, 2012 8:30pm PST
applications every year for spots. my kids go there and i'm lucky enough to be able to walk and i have gotten families from this district who drive their kids across town to go there. so there is a need for preschools in the city. and 20 kids is not a lot. it certainly could be managed. i encourage you to continue to talk to each other, because no matter what condition we put on this, white zone or not, it's ultimately how it works and how it's integrated into the neighborhood. every kid that goes to my preschool, 150 kids has to be walked in by their parents. and it works. so i would encourage you to keep working on this. it is part of a cohesive community when you have churchs and preschools as part of residential neighborhoods. so i disagree that this is a business in a residential neighborhood. it's something to serve the neighborhood and i would urge the preschool to prioritize the neighborhood, so kids are not driving. that is something that we encouraged our preschools in our neighborhoods do. so i am supportive. >> commissioner borden? >> i'm going to agree with the previous commissio
Dec 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
that required for all refugee applicants, ages 14 to 65 regardless of nationality. as we all know, the united states welcomes more refugees than any other country in the world. i think the us government policy of recycling refugees, especially those who risk their lives helping our soldiers and diplomats is important. my goal today is to highlight these issues to ensure security gaps are closed to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our refugee programs. moreover, i want to ensure lessons learned that break down or applied to future adjudication of refugees from other high-risk nations. again, i want to thank our witnesses for their hard work on this important issue in your being here today. the chair now recognizes the ranking minority member of the subcommittee, the gentlelady from california, ms. fonda, for any statement she may have. >> good morning. thank you for holding this very important hearing today as well as the committee for allowing me to serve today in this capacity. i also want to thank the panel for appearing before us in providing valuable expert testimony on these c
Dec 5, 2012 11:30am PST
district attorney's office. the original applicant at the time was the mayor's office of criminal justice. in the 2012 fiscal award announcement where we have applied to tailor our grant awards specifically to follow the assessment, it was indicated that a law enforcement entity could not be the lead applicant. our communication with the mayor's office and the department of status of women appeared most appropriate for them to be lead applicants. so, you'll see within the materials that the grant award is extending beyond our march date, which was actually when we completed our close out package with the federal government. when we completed our close out, the district attorney's office used our general funds to support the staffing positions that were no longer funded through the grant at that time. we have current requisitions at our business that we utilize to hire new positions in to support those grants. i'm happy to answer any questions about the details associated with this being a continuation award or any questions that you may have about the grant. >> thank you. so, this
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 8:30am EST
application to start a charter school and we have been repeatedly stonewalled 57 because of your own daughter's experience you've got together with people and said we will start a charter. >> the first application was 100 pages could. denied. >> they said there was not a need we had typographical errors in the applicatn. john: wouldn't mcdonald's like to say that to burger king? >> yes. john: you try again. >> we fixed them and we got more people involved and we needed to show more apparent support. the first application had 70 letters the second was 125 letters. still denied. john: six times. this is typical. >> it is more and more typical. all-purpose of the charter school movement was to create new public schools, held accountable but free from most rules and regulati. but government encroaches everyday on people who want to start schools. john: the blob in charge they don't that competition state education department even the best states we have an of the highest performing traders goals and arizona the director spends 30% of the time filling out paperwork they tried to squeeze h
Dec 17, 2012 6:30am PST
. it will be policy. we have about 5000 applicants so far in the first 10 days. i want the message to be clear that there is no place in the san francisco police department for those folks. that is my shtick. the captaincy work hard to bring you up to speed about the domestic violence unit, now part of svu and what they do in san francisco. we are committed to keep san francisco safe regardless of the place of origin or language efforts. the things that we can do easily we will go quickly. the things that will take a little bit of work or money we will figure out. captain? >> thank you chief. i'm sorry. i am the last one up. i have been asked to speak on a few items. i will try to get through it as quickly as possible. bear with me. when i get to the presentation, once i am completed i will be happy to answer any questions you may have for me. >> good evening everybody, i am denise flaherty, the captain for the special victims unit. our journey starts in 1995, the formation of the domestic violence response unit going back to the time when the department had separate investigative uni
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,702 (some duplicates have been removed)